Local festivities

"Nits Daurades" and "Santa Maria del Mar" Summer Festivities

During the first fortnight of August you will be able to enjoy a wide variety of events of all kinds: concerts, dances, cultural events and other shows. Both the local population and the visitors and tourists of the municipality meet in Salou to share the popular culture of the municipality during these days when there is a great summer and festive atmosphere.

The Golden Nights, organised by the Salou Council, is a holiday that coincides with the peak of the tourist season. The best known event is held on August 15th, which is the day of Santa María del Mar, patron saint of Salou. The closing of the Golden Nights culminates with a spectacular fireworks display.

Winter Party and Coso Blanco

The winter festival of Salou welcomes its citizens and visitors, who travel to the town to enjoy the different festive events that take place on these winter days.

But there is an event that really stands out and in capital letters, and that is undoubtedly the COSO BLANCO, a parade of floats where a shower of confetti falls down on the streets while everyone dances, sings and enjoys the confetti rain.

The Coso Blanco is one of the most multitudinous events that take place in the coldest months of the Costa Dorada. Around 20,000 people come together every year to celebrate Winter in Salou.

Other events

  • Calada de las mallas de San Pedro - 'Setting of San Pedro's nets'
  • Valentine's Day
  • Sant Jordi (April 23rd)
  • Salou's Taste - Sabor Salou (April - May)
  • Gastrotour Salou (May)
  • Salou de Moda, 'Salou in Fashion' (June)
  • Hola Familia, 'Hello Family' (May / June)
  • Verbena de San Juan, 'San Juan's open-air dance' (June 23rd)
  • Fora Stocks Trade Shows (July and August)
  • King Jaume I's  Party (September)
  • Salou Shopping Festival (September)
  • Catalonia's National Day (September 11th)
  • Costa Daurada Rally & Tapas Rally (October)
  • October 30th Annual Fiesta (October)
  • Salouwind & Salouween (November)
  • Squid Fishing Contest (last week of November)
  • Christmas and the Three Wise Men
  • And many more family, commercial, sports and cultural activities, amongst other. Check out our news page to know more!